Labyrinth Replica Costume Masks

Labyrinth Costume Masquerade Masks

Growing up, Labyrinth (1986, dir. Jim Henson) was one of those movies my family and I watched to death. I was really inspired by Brian Froud’s creature designs, so when my sister was deciding what her and her husband should wear to a Fantasy/ Sci-Fi themed wedding, I suggested Labyrinth Costume Masks from the Ballroom scene. Of course, I offered to make them as well.

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This is the first in a series of posts in which I’ll build a full Judge Death costume. Judge Death is one of Judge Dredd’s nemesis from the 2000AD comic series. He is from a parallel world where the Judge’s logic has been taken to the extreme and all crime has been traced back to one origin: Life.

Today I’ll show you how I made a Judge Death Pterosaur Shoulder Piece from foam, Worbla and sculpting materials.

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Following our post on the Women’s Vault 101 Jumpsuit Pattern, we have compiled some garment research for the Men’s Fallout 3 Vault 101 Jumpsuit pattern. We begin with the same materials list, after that, everything (aside from the zip and collar) is different. Life as a Vault Tec tailor wasn’t meant to be easy.

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The Vault 101 Jumpsuit is a favourite costume amongst Fallout fans and cosplayers. Although there are many variations of the jumpsuits worn by the inhabitants of Vaultec vaults, and many people like to customise their jumpsuit costumes, the basic numbered jumpsuit the Lone Wanderer wears is made up of four parts. These are: a blue denim jumpsuit, a Pip-boy 3000, the zipper strap over the left shoulder, and a belt. Our website has already published articles on how to plan the denim jumpsuit and a Pip-boy. This article is about how to make a Fallout 3 Vault Jumpsuit belt using craft foam, glue and nylon webbing.

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Missed out on getting your very own Pip Boy 3000 when you turned 10 years old? Don’t worry, there’s no need to get all mopey like Paul Hannon Jr. In this post I show how I made a wearable and functional Pip Boy 3000 replica prop from the Pip Boy resin cast  produced by Skruffy Studios.

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