Atomic Ladies is a family of cosplay enthusiasts from Melbourne, Australia. We specialize in textiles, craft, painting, electronics and sculpture and strive to document our processes and experiments to share with the cosplay and crafting communities. We also love to create video game themed arts and crafts.

Atomic Ladies have been working on cosplay props and costumes since 2013.

We discovered a shared love of crafting after an afternoon cutting and gluing Pepakura. Seriously, nothing brings a family together more than an afternoon working on Pepakura.

About Atomic Ladies Cosplay

Kate: aka Pixels

Kate has a background in Multimedia and Illustration. She’s focused on perfecting the Fallout 3 utility jumpsuit and has been studying pattern drafting online to help make her designs come to life.


About Atomic Ladies Cosplay

Adrian: aka One Zero One

Adrian is a real life doctor who dresses as a Vault Doctor in his down time. Adrian is the electronics and chemistry specialist of the group, creating our Pip-Boy 3000s and tinkering with many Nuka-Cola Quantum recipes.


About Atomic Ladies Cosplay

Sean: aka SeanAkahn

Sean has a background in Animation and Illustration and paints almost all of the props made by the Atomic Ladies. Recently he has started to create the entire Judge Death costume, learning many new skills along the way.


About Atomic Ladies Cosplay

Beth: aka Thimbles Threads

Beth specializes in accessories, decorative edibles, and ornaments. She most recently worked on a bespoke Bioshock Infinite themed dress with a matching first aid kit handbag. She is the brains behind our delicious Bioshock themed cookies.