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The Knee-pads and Cuff Tab

Each of the vault suits have a different knee-pad and cuff tab style. The standard vault suit has the knee-pads sewn into the front panel of the pants, this isn’t possible with the three panel construction technique, as it will leave a seam down the middle of the knee-pad. To get around this, I used the knee-pad style from the armoured vault suit which is a patch style that can be sewn over the front seam. For the cuff tabs, the standard vault suit has it on the inside of the leg, but for my next version, I’ll be following the armoured vault suit and will have one on the outside of the leg. Why go to the trouble of sewing the tab if it’s not very easy to see?

Mens Fallout 3 Vault 101 Jumpsuit PatternMens Fallout 3 Vault 101 Jumpsuit Pattern

Next Steps:

As with the Women’s design, I’ll be moving on to draft a customised vault suit pattern with my model’s measurements and the vault suit’s design elements in mind. I’ll be using the book Pattern Cutting for Menswear to work though the drafting process.